“BLAZE” – A Stephen King’s Novel Character Adaptation

Enter “BLAZE” Natural Records Studios CGI-3D Character adaptation of Stephen King’s Novel “BLAZE”!

Produced by Natural Records Studios and created by artists Toussaint Louverture H Gouthier, Paloma H Gouthier and Perle H Gouthier.

Blaze is a novel by Stephen King, published under the pseudonym of Richard Bachman. King announced on his website that he “found it” in an attic.

blazeIn fact it was written before Carrie and King offered the original draft of the novel to his Doubledaypublishers at the same time as ‘Salem’s Lot. They chose the latter to be his second novel and Blazebecame a “trunk novel.” King rewrote the manuscript, editing out much of what he perceived as over-sentimentality in the original text, and offered the book for publication in 2007. The book also contains “Memory,” a short story that was first published in 2006 and which King has since worked into Duma Key.

This adaptation is part of the Natural Records Studios #books2movies Program for more information please go to #books2movies website.

This is simply a labour of love for these  3 artists!

If you are a writer and you have a great story to tell contact us, we know how to bring life to your story by bringing your characters TO LIFE.


Caveats Worth Mentioning

“CGI allows us to bring life to a character we visualize in our mind by giving it life trough animation. We hope that authors will finally get on the bandwagon and realize the power of giving life to Novel characters trough CGI ANIMATION! Truth is, we could do as our CGI peers  by recreating; Vin Diesel, Arnold or Leo Di Caprio, however, we feel it’s more gratifying to create a personality that plays in individuals’ imaginations! Says Perle H Gouthier”

Creating good and convincing characters is perhaps the hardest aspect of script-writing to truly master. Even writers with years of experience however sometimes have a hard time in establishing meaningful characters.

blaze character making BW

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