The Town Of Forever – Chronicles of Jacob Dark


From the beginning of his life Jacob Dark has struggled with evil. From his dysfunctional childhood through his formative teenage years Jacob is plagued with darkness and despair, a burden that no person, much less a child should have to bear. Madness is subjective; everyone experiences it at some level. Jacob’s battle between madness and sanity will take him on a journey where he will confront his own personal demons. Are they an illusion or is Jacob in a fight for his life against an ancient evil? What type of hell is unleashed upon the earth will be decided by what Jacob does. Either to stop it or let it consume everything and everyone. Our fate will be in his hands. —V.M. Phillips

“That’s amazing to see my creation come to life, I feel like a proud papa myself.” – V.M. Phillips

“Incredible is an understatement. I had a vision of young Jacob and that’s it… don’t change a thing,  he’s more than words can describe. The artists’ have work magic today!” – V.M. Phillips


VINCENT M. PHILLIPS was born in Springfield, Tennessee on January 6, 1972. The 80’s and 90’s was a great time growing up in west Nashville. Mr. Phillips made lifelong friends and met the love of his life Angela, who is a major supporter of him and his writing. Mr. Phillips first big influence in writing was his English teacher from Hillwood High School who encouraged him to keep working towards being an accomplished author. Also contributing to Mr. Phillips writing style are his three favorite authors King, Koontz and Clive Barker. Mr. Phillips currently lives in a small community in Joelton, Tennessee with his wife and two kids.

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